Junior Board FAQ

What is the Mission of the Chicago Public Library Foundation Junior Board?
The Junior Board of the Chicago Public Library Foundation is dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of learning and discovery for all. The Junior Board supports the growth of private resources for the benefit of Chicago Public Library. Junior Board members are committed to engaging Chicago’s young professional community as supporters of and ambassadors for the Library’s privately-funded programs. The Junior Board plays a unique role in maintaining the connection between the Library, the Foundation, and Chicago’s young professionals in the context of emerging cultures, trends, and technologies.

When was the Junior Board founded?
The Junior Board was formed in September 2012. Activities and programming began in 2013.

What is the Junior Board’s structure?
There are currently over 50 members on the Junior Board. Members are required to participate in at least one of the Junior Board’s six committees.

The Leadership Committee is comprised of the elected positions of President, Vice President, Chair of Communication, Chair of Events and Programming, Chair of Finance, and Chair of Membership. The Leadership Committee is responsible for delegating responsibilities for implementing the direction and goals set by the general body.

The Communications Committee is responsible for updating and maintaining all of the Junior Board’s communication assets. The committee is also in charge of marketing and promoting all Junior Board events to help drive attendance and interest.

The Events Committee is in charge of envisioning and executing Junior Board events and programming with the goal of raising awareness, engaging young professionals, and fundraising in a creative and meaningful way.

The Finance Committee works with Junior Board members to help the Board reach its annual fundraising goals.

The Membership Committee serves to promote membership growth and retention within the organization.

What are the membership requirements?

There are five main requirements to join the Junior Board:

    1. Members should be between the ages of 25 and 40.
    2. Members should hold a valid Chicago Public Library card.
    3. Members must attend at least two of the quarterly member meetings annually.
    4. Members are required to join and participate in at least one committee.
    5. Members are required to pay the annual membership dues of $250 with an additional fundraising goal of $500.

What counts towards the member’s fundraising goal?
Any tickets Junior Board members purchase to Library Foundation events, friends who purchase tickets to our events, donations, sponsorships, and in-kind gifts to the Library Foundation are credited to the Junior Board member who solicited the gift and count towards the member’s fundraising goal.

I’d like to be considered for membership on the Junior Board. Where do I start?
Interested candidates will email the Membership Chair at membership@cplfoundation.org to express interest in joining the Junior Board. The Membership Chair will forward an application. Interested candidates will be invited to a Recruitment Event. This is a casual, informal opportunity to meet other Junior Board members, learn more about the Junior Board, and ask questions. This is also an opportunity for the Junior Board to get to know the applicant. After the Recruitment Event, the Membership Committee will convene a selection meeting to review applicants and select those who will be invited to join the Junior Board. Selection is based upon candidates being able to meet (and exceed) the minimum requirements listed above, commitment to being ambassadors for the work of the Library Foundation, and ability to generate support (financial and attendance) for Junior Board activities.

Are there any events coming up that I can participate in?
Upcoming Events:

Additional dates for 2017 coming soon. For more information on these events, visit our Events page at cplfoundation.org/events.

I have more questions. Who can I speak with?
For more information on how you can get involved, contact our Membership Chair at membership@cplfoundation.org.