Digital Skills Building with CyberNavigator

Computer tutors helping patrons build essential skills

The term “digital readiness” means that people have both access to digital tools and online resources, and the skills they need to effectively use those tools. To help ensure that all Chicagoans can fully participate in a world that has increasingly moved online, Chicago Public Library offers CyberNavigator computer tutors! Through free one-on-one help sessions, video modules, and small group classes, patrons create resumes and fill out online job applications. They set up personal email accounts, learn how to protect themselves online, and find resources such as educational programs and health information. Support from the Chicago Public Library Foundation and its donors ensures that the CyberNavigator program can continue to help Chicago’s adults and older adults develop crucial digital skills.


sessions provided in 2017


Chicago DigitalLearn video-based learning modules


hours per week of CyberNavigator assistance citywide

Nearly 1000

patrons found jobs in 2017