Reading For Change

Investing in resources for Black liberation, social justice, and anti-racism.

There is currently an unprecedented wave of interest in Chicago Public Library’s curated lists of e-books and audiobooks about systemic racism. To ensure that every Chicagoan can access these foundational works immediately, the Library Foundation is launching “Reading for Change”—a campaign dedicated to expanding access to racial justice literature and curating programming that will help Chicagoans more meaningfully engage in conversations about systemic racism.

We acknowledge that reading these texts is the first step in a long and difficult journey toward both understanding and acting to dismantle the systems that oppress Black Americans. Our organization is committed to taking that step and, through education and empathy, working toward collective healing.

With your support, Reading for Change will ensure that literature and education around systemic racism is widely available—without a waitlist and across age groups—to anyone seeking to read, engage, and act towards positive social change.


Campaign Goal

Read. Act. Engage.

Change Begins with Education