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10 Things We Love About Chicago Public Library

Roses are red, violets are blue. Why do we love Chicago Public Library? Here’s a reason or two.

1. Librarians are the best matchmakers, amirite?

They recommend us the best books. They help us discover awesome Library tools (did you know you can borrow Wi-Fi hotspots at the Library?!) and there is no question they can’t answer. Show your favorite librarian some well-deserved Library love with a sweet note.

2. Love is always there—and so is the Library!

Not only is the Library available 24/7 online, all 81 branches are now open 7 days a week! Need to pick up your books on the weekend? Have to print some last-minute documents? Your kids need help with preparing for Monday’s class? The Library’s here for you.

A crowd of kids circled up for story time

3. Love is for everyone.

From free digital literacy lessons for library users to high-quality programs for the kiddos, the Library places accessibility and equity at the heart of everything it does.

4. Love sparks… creativity.

At the Library, teens can create conversations about change through their art. Library users of all ages can bring their creative and entrepreneurial projects to life through the Maker Lab.

Teaching Chicagoans new crafts and creative skills are the city’s art rockstars (and the Library’s Makers-in-Residence) like Katelyn and Faith, who are creating inspiring and impactful work of their own (see Faith’s exhibit, “Portraits of COVID” outside of Harold Washington Library now!)

5. Are you an overdue Library book? Because you’re looking fine… free!

Bad joke aside, we really do love that Chicago Public Library is fine-free. Since eliminating fines in 2019, 11,000 library users have come back to their local branch, renewed their library cards, and enjoy everything the Library has to offer! Welcome back and welcome home, fellow Library lovers!  

(P.s. Did you know that you can read more titles thanks to an increase on holds and checkouts? Ready? Set? Enjoy! 😉)

6. Love is beautiful. Speaking of beauty, our Library branches are a sight to behold!

From innovative architectural styles to cozy neighborhood branches, each local library beautifully represents the city’s diverse neighborhoods. What’s your library branch and what do you love about it?  

Bonus: Did you know that branches have work from Chicago legends like Kerry James Marshall adorning the walls or murals from artists like Sentrock welcoming you as you walk in? Talk about there being more to love!

Photo from “PILSEN DAYS” by Akito Tsuda.

7. Love always remembers.

Did you know that you can go back in time at the Library? Yep! You can access thousands of photos from the Chicago Parks District archive or you can reminisce Pilsen in the ’90s. The Library is a preserver of the city’s cultural history, documenting Chicago’s stories throughout different timelines.

8. All you need is love (and a Library card!)

Chicago Public Library meets you where you are in your digital journey. Need to refine your Adobe Photoshop skills? Try out LinkedIn Learning. Want to learn how to apply for jobs online? Chicago DigitalLearn is the way to go. Just use your Library card to gain free and unlimited access and you’re on your way!

9. Love helps you become your best self, one day at a time.

With intentionally innovative programs like Teacher in the Library, registered teachers empower students to thrive in and out of school by offering free homework help. You can register for virtual appointments or find in-person sessions here.

10. You can wear your heart on your sleeves. Literally.

Not to be biased, but the Library merch is pretty cute. Show off your Library love with these tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

Love empowers. Your love for the Library helps transform the lives of Chicagoans across 77 neighborhoods and 81 branches.