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Meet the Staff

Brenda Langstraat Bui

President & CEO

Anndriene Bell

Accounting Manager
(312) 374-5245

Rica Bouso

Marketing Director
(312) 374-5244

Beth Davis

Chief Operating Officer
(312) 374-5251

Harriett Davis

Development Communications Manager
(312) 374-5248

Marissa De La Cerda

Marketing Manager
(312) 736-1429

Kate Nardin

Chief Development Officer
(312) 374-5243

Audrey Peiper

Director of Legacy and Impact Giving
(312) 374-5246

Natalie Richards

Annual Fund Manager
(312) 374-5241

Nicole Van Pelt

Sr. Data Analytics Manager
(312) 374 -5249

Christina Ward

Individual Giving Manager
(312) 374 – 5247

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