About Us

Since 1986, the Chicago Public Library Foundation has been proud to partner with Chicago Public Library, supporting programs, technology, and collections that have helped the Library maintain its position as a world-class institution and a leader in the library field.

The Foundation has been recognized locally and nationally, by Chicago Magazine, Guidestar, and others, as an exceptionally well-managed non-profit organization, making the most of the funding and resources it receives from its donors.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors and its hardworking staff team are proud of its accomplishments, and more importantly, excited for the future.

As we look forward to the next 30 years, we will continue to be curious, to seek new opportunities and partnerships that can be forged in support of the amazing and visionary Chicago Public Library.  And as we grow, we’ll remember that each and every achievement – past, present, and future – is made possible only through the support of the Foundation’s amazing donors, who each year help us stay curious, and help us expand our ideas of what is possible.

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