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Category: Early Learning


Stop Boredom this Winter. Chill at the Library!

Winter can be boring and dreary. But it doesn’t have to be. At Chicago Public Library’s Early Learning Centers, winter can be heartening, productive, even magical for children and parents alike


Harnessing the Power of Play

At CPL’s Early Learning Centers, children are not just children. They’re young engineers. They’re future scientists. They’re artists. They’re curious minds hungry to learn.


For Kids Only: Chicago Public Library Reimagines Early Learning

In Chicago Public Library’s Early Learning Spaces, children are free to pick up whatever toy tickles their curiosity. They can run from one side of the library to another, bringing a book (or two) as they sweep by. Kids are encouraged to make friends as they color, read, and play together. And the best part? Children and families can enjoy the space for free!