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Meet the South Side’s Lois Lane and This Year’s 21st Century Award Recipient, Natalie Moore

In addition to her 2016 book release and role as a South Side bureau reporter for WBEZ, Natalie Moore will be adding 21st Century Award Recipient to her repertoire at this year’s Carl Sandburg Literary Awards Dinner.

Despite being heavily lauded as a 21st century talent, when asked what winning the 21st Century Award meant to her, she replied with an excitement most bibliophiles would relate to. “Its thrilling! “ she exclaimed. “Margaret Atwood is one of my favorite authors. To be honored on the same stage with her and Dave Eggers is very meaningful.”

About the Author and Her Work

Moore’s book,  The South Side: A Portrait of Chicago and American Segregation, was released earlier in 2016 and marks another success as a long form author.  When asked what it was like going from reporter to author, she explained: “Its all a form of storytelling. It’s all writing, all storytelling. (But) in journalism you’re not supposed to insert yourself — with writing as an author I can inject myself and have a closer seat.”
A distinction, evident in her book.
As a Chicago native, The South Side: A Portrait of Chicago and American Segregation hits some personal notes for Moore; with insights that have been touted as an ‘intelligent and highly important’ narrative on the South Side of Chicago.  Through the missive, Moore presents her readers with the many different ways in which contemporary segregation has been perpetuated in the South Side of Chicago.
On her writing style, she explains (quite aptly) that “You have to write about your truth or the truth as you see it and hope that (readers) will come along for the ride.”

Natalie on the Library

Like many social activists, Moore shares an unparalleled love for the Library.  In her case, one that may have started BEFORE birth! “The story goes,” she explained “that my mother used to read to me all the time while she was pregnant with me.”  A love that continued to grow though adulthood. “(The library) is a place where you can go to read, or work or have a quiet moment to yourself.” she shared.  “It’s more than a place with books.”
Before meeting her face to face, we were curious.  Does the facts-first reporter, known in NPR circuits as the South Side’s Lois Lane have a soft side for the Library? You bet. “It’s still the sacred place where you can shush someone,” she laughed.
Natalie Y. Moore received the 21st Century Award on October 11 for outstanding recent achievement at this year’s Carl Sandburg Literary Awards Dinner.  We honored (and thanked) her for the amazing contribution she’s made to the city, the library and to her constant pursuit of the truth. To learn more about the Carl Sandburg Literary Awards Dinner, click here. To order your own copy of what Buzzfeed has called “one of the best Non-Fiction books of 2016,” click here. To stay up-to-date with the author herself, follow her on Twitter.