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This One’s for You, Mom!

This Mother’s Day, we have put together a care package especially for you.

A mother’s instinct to protect and care for her family kicks into high gear during this time. But while doing your best to protect others, it becomes easy to neglect your needs. This Mother’s Day, we have compiled resources to help you find your calm and center amid the chaos.

Mindful Magazine: Anxiety is normal. It is our body’s signal to pay attention. It alerts us and prompts us to adapt. But when anxiety becomes overwhelming, it can do more harm than good. Learn how to mediate anxiety with techniques like “The Stress Breath” and “Fog the Mirror” technique from mindfulness practitioner Dr. Tara Brach.

Natural Health Magazine: Stress can manifest itself through physical pain, particularly in our backs. Check out “How to Ease Your Back Pain” on page 28 to learn different methods of caring for our backs.

Oxygen: Sometimes, moms need to breathe, literally. Practice breathing and whole-body techniques that will increase the oxygen flow of your body.

Yoga for Beginners: Alleviate stress, one pose at a time.

With schools and offices closed, you are playing multiple roles at the same time – homeschooler, homemaker, wife, all while working from home. It can be overwhelming but remember that you deserve a time out to just be.  Whether it’s reading a book, listening to a podcast, or watching a movie, Chicago Public Library is here for you.

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