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Fun, Sci-Fi Events with this Year’s One Book, One Chicago

We’re diving head first into the world of science fiction with the 2018-2019 One Book, One Chicago selection: Philip K. Dick’s legendary novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Because we believe the book is just the beginning, the Library has put together a phenomenal event line-up taking this citywide book club to a whole different level. Check out the fun, free activities you can participate in, all centered around this year’s theme, “Imagine the Future.”

About One Book, One Chicago

One Book, One Chicago is a citywide reading program for adults, featuring events and discussions inspired by a central book and theme. The One Book program brings together every Chicago neighborhood to explore and discuss these themes through multiple perspectives and as interpreted in the arts, music, politics, even personal experiences. Chicagoans enjoy free book groups, author talks, film screenings, performances, tours, workshops, and many more. Partners at local civic and cultural organizations offer related programs, creating a truly holistic experience.

A Little More About the Book

The sci-fi themed book follows protagonist and bounty hunter, Rick Deckard as he navigates post-nuclear war earth in the year 2021. Storyline seems familiar? It should!  This iconic book was the inspiration for the blockbuster film, Blade Runner.

Events to Look Forward to

  • Author talks with renowned science-fiction authors like Martin Rees and David Golemon
  • Book discussions throughout the city to discuss the role and the future of technology
  • Cool Maker Lab workshops to create futuristic eyewear, mood dials and out of this world frequencies
  • Neighborhood walking tours with historian Max Grinnell to talk about the planned projects for the city
  • A live performance of the iconic radio broadcast, The War of the Worlds adapted from H.G. Wells’ novel
  • Sci-fi movie screenings of favorites like Blade Runner, The Matrix and Black Panther
  • a Zombie Hunters: Emergency Preparedness workshop
  • and so much more!
Author, Philip K. Dick.

To learn more about this year’s program, inquire at your local library or visit our One Book, One Chicago page. To see the entire program line-up and keep up to date on our “Imagine the Future” events, click here. To join us in the citywide conversation on social media, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the #OBOC2018!
This year’s One Book, One Chicago program is sponsored by The Chicago Community Trust and United Airlines – and people like you! To take part in supporting this off-the-page, citywide program, we invite you to donate here.