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Whole Foods Market and Chicago Public Library Foundation: Doing a Whole Lot of Good, One Dime at a Time

What can you do with 10¢? As it turns out, you can eat healthy, protect mother Earth, and support transformative programs at Chicago Public Library.

Whole Foods

The Good Revolution
It all began on Earth Day 2008. Whole Foods announced they would discontinue using disposable plastic grocery bags in 270 stores across the country. “People were flabbergasted. This was a first from a major supermarket,” recalls Nancy Labreacht, Whole Foods Market In-store, and Local Marketing Specialist. Way ahead of its time, Whole Foods was marching into uncharted territory. “But we were very committed to staying true to our value of supporting the environment,” she shares.
As an alternative, Whole Foods started encouraging shoppers to bring their own reusable bags, which in the beginning, presented a challenge. “People are creatures of habit. Convincing consumers to shift from plastic to reusable plastic bags (more so bringing their own) required out-of-the-box thinking,” Nancy explains.
What others may have perceived as an obstacle, Whole Foods welcomed as an opportunity. Hence, the birth of the One Dime at a Time program. Every time you use your reusable bag, you get a 10¢ refund – a refund you have the option to donate to select nonprofit organizations. “The response from our customers has been amazing! Many see it as a simple way to help their communities, and they are more than happy to participate in the initiative,” Nancy states proudly.  A good deed begets another good deed.
Two Community Anchors are Better than One 
Whole Foods Market and Chicago Public Library Foundation share intersecting values: access, education, and support for the community. This is why we’re thrilled to announce that the Library Foundation is Whole Foods’ selected nonprofit recipient for their One Dime at a Time program this first quarter of 2019. “Chicagoans love their libraries. And with good reason. You can read, learn, and thrive at the library. When people thrive, communities foster. To be part of this transformative work is an honor,” Nancy shares.
The Library Foundation is indeed fortunate to receive support from like-minded partners such as Whole Foods Market – an organization that celebrates and strengthens communities through food. Our partnership illustrates that when we work together, we elevate communities to greater heights.
Thank you, Whole Foods, for your Dedication to the Curious!
You, too, can participate in Whole Foods’ One Dime at a Time program in two easy steps:
Step 1: Bring your own shopping bag when you shop.
Step 2: Donate your bag refund to Chicago Public Library Foundation

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