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Dear 93.9 MYfm, We Heart You

While you power along with Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” on 93.9 MYfm, expect to hear a radio ad about children’s learning programs that are funded by donors to the Chicago Public Library Foundation. These include the Summer Learning Challenge, Teachers in the Library, YOUmedia and more.

If you’re a 93.9 MYfm listener, you might have heard the radio ad by now. If you haven’t you can listen to a clip here.

The Chicago Public Library Foundation was one of 21 new partners awarded a Nonprofit Community Partnership Grant of $196,000 of donated media from iHeard Media Chicago. From May through the end of July, iHeart Media Chicago’s 93.9 Myfm radio has featured the radion ad and on-air promotion by radio host Mick Lee sharing a message we feel is vital for Chicagoans to hear, understand and share.

One donation of $25 funds one child in one year of programming at Chicago Public Library that includes early learning, the Summer Learning Challenge, Teachers in the Library, YOUmedia and more.

“We want Chicagoans to know that it doesn’t take much open up a world of opportunity for children,” says Rhona Frazin, President & CEO. “$25 goes a long way by sponsoring kids in a variety of learning programs that prepare them for success in school and beyond.”

This grant was made possible by iHeart Media Communities, the community engagement division of iHeart Media Chicago. iHeart Media Chicago owns and operates WLIT-FM, WEBG-FM, WEBG-HD, WVAZ-FM, WKSC-FM, WGCI-FM, WGRB-AM and is part of iHeart Media. Serving over 150 markets, iHeart Media boasts the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America.

We thank 93.9 MYfm and iHeart Media Chicago for their generous partnership in our effort to increase investment in critical children’s learning programs at Chicago Public Library.

You too can support children’s learning programs by making a gift at