Certified Teacher in the Library

Teachers in the Library – After school homework help from certified teachers

On Monday through Thursday afternoons during the school year, a Teacher in the Library can be found in most of Chicago Public Library’s 80 branches. These certified teachers provide one-on-one and small group assistance to kindergarteners, high schoolers, and every age in between. Whether it’s helping a young reader with a book report, or breaking down a multi-part algebra problem into solvable parts, the Teacher in the Library is there, helping students build good study habits and increase their academic confidence.  Teachers in the Library also give parents the tools to be effective advocates for their children’s educational needs by helping them understand the school system and access available educational resources for their children.

Teachers in the Library increasingly serve as champions for the literacy and educational goals of entire families, including parents and older siblings.


hours of assistance were provided in the 2015-16 school year


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is the time for daily online homework help via Brainfuse.


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