Teacher in the Library

Free homework help for Chicago’s students from accredited educators

School can be challenging at any level. It can be even more difficult for families new to a school or for whom English isn’t their first language. That’s where the caring, accredited educators who make up the Teacher in the Library (TIL) program come in. They know the ins and outs of neighborhood schools, and many are bilingual. Depending on a student’s needs, they can provide one-on-one attention, or set them up in a small group to work. So while school can be hard sometimes, the Teachers are here to help—through a distinctive program made entirely possible by donors like you.

Library users can meet with a Teacher in-person or online! Teachers are available at Library branches across the city. For a full list of locations, click here

Learn the impact of your support. Read the 2020 Impact Report here.


total homework help sessions provided in 2016-17 school year


unique students assisted by a TIL last year


year the program began to be analyzed by Chapin Hall collaborative at University of Chicago


bi-lingual teachers